M.S. in Fashion Design Management

Admissions Requirements


  • Graduate application
  • Undergraduate design or fashion design degree
  • Official transcripts (minimum 3.0 GPA)
  • Resume
  • Statement of purpose*
  • International students can find additional requirements for admission here.


  • Digital portfolio*

Statement of Purpose* 

Your statement of purpose should articulate why you want to enter the M.S. in Fashion Design Management program, relating your previous design and/or merchandising experience to your current career goals. Students are encouraged to articulate their unique perspective on the fashion industry.

Digital Portfolio* 

While not required, a portfolio of design or merchandising work is encouraged. Portfolios will be reviewed once your application has been received and processed by PhilaU admissions. Applicants are encouraged to submit only their best work. Portfolios should include a minimum of 8 pieces of work and a maximum of 15 pieces. Portfolio may include photo images of 2D or 3D work, drawings, artwork, illustrations, concept boards, merchandising boards, technical flats and specs, sketchbook pages, marketing and packaging artwork. Specifications for portfolios are below.

Format: Portfolios must be submitted digitally in one of two formats; you may submit the link to your digital portfolio on https://www.behance.net/ or you may send a PDF (s) with eight to 15 high resolution digital images. PDF’s can be no larger than 10mb but you can submit more than one PDF if image files are large. Every image must include your full name and date.

USB and/or CD’s will not be accepted.

Work to Be Included: Submit examples of work that showcases your creative abilities. Your portfolio may include examples of work that you have personally completed in courses, working in a professional office, or on your own.

Submission: The portfolio can be emailed to Gradadm@PhilaU.edu  and to connellys@philau.edu. In addition to submitting a digital portfolio you also have the option of scheduling a visit through the graduate admissions and presenting your portfolio in person.

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