M.S. in Fashion Design Management

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RANKED: #3 in the U.S. and #7 in the World by Fashionista. Read more here.

The groundbreaking international M.S. in Fashion Design Management program, developed in partnership with Politecnico di Milano, is uniquely focused on developing design and fashion leaders of tomorrow. By moving beyond the hand-crafted approach to fashion, you will have the opportunity to focus on design as a strategic function, integrated along the cycle of research and design, product development, branding and distribution.

The 18-month program will prepare you to enter managerial roles within the apparel industry. Immersive industry experiences on an international level will teach to work within a corporate brand structure, incorporating technology and social media metrics into globalization and the brand building process.

International Collaboration

For two of the three total semesters, you will work with students from Politecnico as a team in-residence, first in Philadelphia, then in Milan, a city entrenched in the European luxury market. This unique structure will grow your professional network, and teach you to merge commercial demand with creativity while developing global concepts.

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