Mary Ann Wagner-Graham

Mary Ann Wagner-Graham
Director - Undergraduate Health Science Program
Assistant Professor

Dr. Wagner-Graham holds a B.A. in Biology with a Chemistry minor from Lycoming College.  She completed a Ph.D. in Cell & Molecular Biology at MCP Hahnemann University in 1999, where she performed kinetic and structural studies of monomeric sarcosine oxidase.

At the Institute of Molecular Biology and Medicine at The University of Scranton, Dr. Wagner-Graham worked on a range of projects, from development of PCR primers for rapid detection of antibiotic and toxin genes in potential biological warfare agents, to global and comparative proteomic studies of the Brucellae, Bacillus anthracis, and Haloferax volcanii.  

Dr. Wagner-Graham values providing real-world research experiences to undergraduate students, and involves students in her efforts to unravel the molecular effects of sucralose.  This endeavor provides multiple opportunities for student projects, from bacteriology to biochemistry.

In addition to her research work, Dr. Wagner-Graham teaches Anatomy and Physiology, and serves as Director of the Undergraduate Health Science Program.


  1. Faculty Research, Scholarship and Practice-Based Project Grant Recipient for 2016-17, Provost's Office, Philadelphia University:  "Sucralose Inhibition of Glucose Use by Cells".

  2. Goudy M*, Arcona L*, Govani A*, Miehle N*, Balogun Z*, Wagner-Graham, MA. Effects of sucralose on carbohydrate metabolism in bacteria.  Presented at the 2016 Microbial Stress Response Conference at Mount Holyoke College. (* - Undergraduate Student Researchers)

  3. Foundation Micro-Grants Competition 2012/2013 Academic Year Recipient, Community College of Philadelphia: "Development of enzymatic assay protocols for use in undergraduate research".