Matt Milkevitch

Matt Milkevitch
Program Director
Associate Professor
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Milkevitch received his PhD in Chemistry from Virginia Tech. At Philadelphia University, he teaches organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and their associated laboratory courses.

His research focuses on multiple facets of cancer chemotherapy.  His interests include the design and synthesis of novel anticancer agents based on the transition metals and the use of MRS methods to monitor the response of cancer cells to chemotherapy.


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  2. “Phenylbutyrate Induces Apoptosis and Lipid Accumulations via a Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Gamma-Dependent Pathway,” M. Milkevitch, N.J. Beardsley and E. J. Delikatny.  NMR in Biomedicine, 2010, 23, 473-479.

  3. “Lovastatin Potentiates PB-Induced Lipid Metabolites but not Apoptosis in DU145 Human Prostate Cells” M. Milkevitch, N.J Beardsley and E.J. Delikatny, BBA Lipids, 2007, 1771, 1166 -1176.