Kathryn E. Mickle

Kathryn E. Mickle
Assistant Professor
Email: micklek@philau.edu

Kathryn graduated with a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS.  Before earning her Ph.D., she earned her MS in Biology at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.  Kathryn teaches in the undergraduate Human Anatomy and Physiology (I and II) lecture and lab series.  She also teaches the cadaver based-Advanced Anatomy for the Physician Assistant program.  Kathryn is the coordinator of the anatomy labs.  

Kathryn’s research program is focused on the morphology of a group of Paleozoic fossil fishes called palaeoniscoids.  Kathryn’s research includes morphological descriptions of new species, in-depth osteological studies, and investigations into the evolutionary relationships of these fishes. Kathryn is also an Adjunct Research Associate at the University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute.   


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