Evan Edward Laine

Evan Edward Laine
Assistant Professor
Program Director, Law and Society
Faculty Director of the Specter Center for Public Service
Email: lainee@philau.edu

For 28 years, Evan was a trial attorney heading his own practice in New Jersey and Pennsylvania specializing in civil litigation. After receiving his Masters in American History from Rutgers University, where his thesis won the Alumni award, Evan retired from law and eventually, after teaching American History at Rutgers and PhilaU as an adjunct, he became the full time Director of the PhilaU Law and Society program where his responsibilities include teaching, course creation, academic and professional advising and growing the major. Evan has taught over 8 different courses, which focus on history, constitutional law and conspiracy theories.

Evan serves as the Faculty Director of Arlen Specter Center for Public Service.  His duties include creating content, which include the Roxboro House Roundtables, the SINGLE BULLET exhibition focusing on Specter’s role in the Warren Commission and the symposium, Traumatic Brain Injuries and the Ethics of Being a Sports Fan.


  1. Nixon and the Dragon Lady: Did Richard Nixon Conspire with Anna Chennault in 1968 to Destroy Peace in Vietnam?

  2. SINGLE BULLET; Arlen Specter & The Warren Commission Investigation of the JFK Assassination

  3. Fear, National Security, and 9-11 Conspiracy Theories: When Two Oceans Ain’t Enough

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