Barbara Kimmelman

Barbara Kimmelman
Academic Dean

As an historian of science, Barbara’s professional work integrates her strong interest in the scientific work and concepts with her passion for the humanities and social sciences. Her professional training and work convey these multiple interests. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where she also undertook numerous philosophy, literature, and social science courses.  Her doctorate is in the History and Sociology of Science is from the University of Pennsylvania.  Barbara's scholarship has focused on the institutionalization of American genetics at agricultural colleges and experiment stations in the United States, and more recently has expanded to include the role of the United States Department of Agriculture in the transfer of plants and seeds around the globe.  In all instances Barbara’s work focuses on the relationship between the institutions of science and social and political factors.

Barbara’s teaching has been as diverse as her academic training.  She has taught courses in the history of science, history of technology, contemporary global issues, and U.S. history and contemporary issues.  She was also among the group of Philadelphia University faculty who pioneered the introductory course in the core curriculum of the College of Design, Engineering and Commerce, “Integrative Design Process”, teaching it six times before “retiring” from that course.  Barbara continues to enjoy these kinds of collaborations with colleagues from a wide array of academic and professional fields.


  1. Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award, May 2008

  2. “Mr. Blakeslee Builds His Dream House: Agricultural Institutions, Genetics and Careers 1900-1915,” Journal of the History of Biology  39 (2006):241-280.

  3. National Science Foundation Grant, June 1997-August 1998

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