Steven C. Dinero

Steven C. Dinero
Carter and Fran Pierce Term Chair for the Liberal Arts

Steven C. Dinero, Ph.D., has taught at Philadelphia University since 1996. His primary area of research concerns the study of post-nomadic communities in transition. He has studied the social and economic consequences of settlement using two case study communities, the Bedouin of the Negev Desert, Israel, and the Nets’aii Gwich’in Indians, Alaska, for over two decades. He has published extensively on such topics as community planning and development, education, human rights, gender, identity formation, religion, climate change and tourism. He is presently incorporating a third case, the Tripura tribals of India and Bangladesh, into his research as well.

Dr. Dinero’s courses are global and interdisciplinary in scope. They include Global Diversity courses on the Middle East and North Africa, India and South Asia, and the natural environment. He also teaches upper level courses on globalization and national identity and conflict


  1. 2016 Living on Thin Ice: The Gwich’in Natives of Alaska. Berghahn Books: New York & Oxford.

  2. 2010 Settling for Less: The Planned Resettlement of Israel’s Negev Bedouin. Berghahn Books: New York & Oxford.

  3. 2003-2006 National Science Foundation – Partnerships for Innovation Principal Investigator (PI) for the project “Bridging the Technology Gap: A Culture-Based Model for Economic Development in Rural Alaska.”  Award No. EEC-0332608

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