Financial information

Estimated Undergraduate Program Costs

Pre-professional Phase Tuition and Expenses

The tuition for the Pre-Professional Phase of the PA Program is identical to that of all other undergraduate programs at the University. See Tuition and Fees

Room and board

Pre-professional phase physician assistant students are eligible to live on campus with other students. Students who are interested in living on campus have a variety of housing options.  See Room and Board

Financial Aid

Information regarding financial aid for students is available from various organizations, including:  

Work study position and other paid positions are available for qualified students.  However, please note that PA students cannot work in administrative positions within the PA Program.

Professional Phase Tuition and Expenses

Professional Phase Tuition increases during the graduate phase to Comprehensive Graduate Tuition.  In addition, the Professional Phase students are encouraged to budget for other expenses such as medical equipment and malpractice insurance that is not required during the pre-professional phase. See Graduate Entry Costs


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