Physician Assistant Program Faculty and Staff

University Administration

Matt Dane Baker, DHSC, PA-C, Senior Vice Provost at Thomas Jefferson University-East Falls and New Jersey Campuses

Michael Dryer, DrPH, PA-C, Executive Dean of the College of Science, Health and the Liberal Arts

Principal Faculty, East Falls Campus

Jesse A. Coale, DMIN, PA-C, Program Director 

Amy E. Baker, MS, PA-C, Senior Associate Program Director

Stephen Humbert, DO, Medical Director

Jennifer Anderson, MA, PA-C, Director of Didactic Education

Paul D. Bradford, MEd, MMS, PA-C, Director of Clinical Education

Catherine Lee, MS, PA-C, Clinical Coordinator

Nicole Cournoyer, MS, PA-C, Assistant Professor

Megan Mills, MS, PA-C, Assistant Professor

Michael A. Rackover, MS, PA-C, Professor Emeritus

Principal Faculty, New Jersey Campus 

Jesse Coale, DMIN, PA-C, Program Director

Dana Cafaro, MS, PA-C, Associate Program Director

Jennifer Anderson, MS, PA-C, Director of Didactic Education

Paul D. Bradford, MEd, MMS, PA-C, Director of Clinical Education

Jenna McNicholl, MS, PA-C, Clinical Coordinator

Maureen Sullivan, MHS, PA-C, Assistant Professor

Jennifer Hawkins, MA, PA-C, Assistant Professor

Instructional Faculty, East Falls Campus

TJ Berger, MS, PA-C

Larry Carey, PharmD

Diana R. Cundell, PhD

Rose DeRosa, MS, PA-C

Jack Fanning, DO

Laurie Focacci, MPS, PA-C

Joanne Glusman, MSW, LSW

Michael Mancano, PharmD

Kathryn Mickle, PhD

Kristin Patragnoni-Sauter, CRNP

Laura Santanna Lonergan, MHS, PA-C

Adam Rubinstein, MS, PA-C

Frank Wilkinson, PhD

Instructional Faculty, New Jersey Campus

Jessica Adamson, MS APRN, CNM

Analisa Ambrosi, MS, PA-C

TJ Berger, MS, PA-C

Jen Burke, MS, PA-C

Rose DeRosa, MS, PA-C

Laura Santanna Lonergan, MHS, PA-C

Victoria Nicholls, MS, PA-C

Maggie Randazzo, PharmD, BCPS

Kristin Patragnoni-Sauter, CRNP

Melanie Silver, PhD

Andrew Savicky, PhD

Support Personnel, East Falls Campus

Brooke Ashenfelter, Admissions/Data Manager

Mary Barton, Office/Program Coordinator

Christian Laffoon, Administrative Support


Support Personnel, New Jersey Campus

Roni Sue Shook, Administrative Assistant


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