M.S. in Textile Design

Program Description

The Masters of Science in Textile Design provides both integration and balance between creative design and technology. Regardless of their area of specialization, students will receive a strong technical knowledge of textiles upon which to develop their design work. The Design studio courses make up the majority of the coursework in the M.S. program, and progress from very structured projects into an exploration of the individuals viewpoints and concepts, the development of which will comprise the students final collection.

Students are required to specialize in one area (knit, print or weave), but are encouraged to incorporate the other areas of textile design through their foundation courses, elective or design studio work. Those with fiber arts backgrounds will be able to further their design skills through a greater understanding of textile materials and the use of the latest technology. Those with technological design experience will be encouraged to develop their creative ideas within the environment of the design studio.

Each graduate student mounts a Graduate Exhibition of his or her work as a requirement for graduation. These expositions showcase each student's area of individual exploration and concentration.

In addition, each student will produce a thesis, a written document encompassing their final collection. These theses are catalogued and held within the permanent collection of the Gutman Library.

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