M.S. in Industrial Design


One size does not fit all.

Students with interests outside industrial design may take designated courses in the PhilaU Sustainable Design, Textile Design, Interactive Design and other programs. Students with prior backgrounds in design can be given advanced standing in the MSID program; an initial advanced standing determination is made as part of the application process based on review of transcripts and portfolio. Please consult the program director, Tod Corlett with questions.

Foundational Skills
Students with industrial design skills and backgrounds can receive advanced standing within the program. Students from non-ID backgrounds take tailored sets of foundational skills courses so they can design and present their work at the same high level as those with industrial design experience. These foundational classes are assigned in consultation with the program director; an initial determination will be made based on transcripts, portfolio and personal statements during review of admission materials. Generally, students requiring four or fewer foundational courses are allowed to take them concurrently with the first semesters of graduate work so they can graduate without delay.

Foundational Courses

Varies according to advanced placement; based on portfolio and transcript review.

  • Ergonomic Studies (IDF-510)
  • Design I for Industrial Design (offered fall only) (IDF-507)
  • CAD I for Industrial Design (CADF-500)
  • Drawing Essentials (IDF-514)
  • Design Development Drawing (IDF-500)
  • Materials and Processes for Manufacturing (IDF-505)
  • Materials and Processes for Fabrication (IDF-508)

M.S. in Industrial Design Core Curriculum



Skills and Methods for Industrial Design* MSID-500


User Centered Studio (6 credits) MSID-703

Research and Design Process (3 credits) MSID-700


Collaborative Studio (6 credits) MSID-705

Current Issues Seminar (3 credits) MSID-707

Independent Study MSID-791, Internship or elective course MSID-798 (can be taken second year)



Masters Project I: Research and Design (6 credits) MSID-803

Interactive Prototyping (3 credits) MSID-704


Masters Project II: Development and Evaluation (6 credits) MSID-703

Design Business and Entrepreneurship (3 credits) MSID-701

Independent Study MSID-791, Internship or elective course MSID-798 (can be taken first year)

Recommended Electives:

Intercultural Innovation in China MSID-600

Soft Goods, Active Sports and Accessory Design  MSID-371

Total: 42 Credits

*week-long workshop, held in August

For complete course descriptions, please visit the Thomas Jefferson University Catalog.

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