Admissions for PhilaU Sophomores and Transfers

Admissions requirements for Early Assurance Program for sophomores and transfers

Philadelphia University students interested in the EAP program are eligible to apply in the second semester of their freshman year no later than March 15, to be considered for admission. Applications to the EAP program are made directly to the Law and Society program director, Evan Laine.


Qualifications for the program

  • Minimum 3.4 GPA from PhilaU or transfer institution
  • Successful completion of an essay directed towards the PLAC describing why said candidate should be considered for the program- the essay due no later than March 15 second semester of their freshman year
  • Successful completion of interview by the Law School Admission Council
  • It is not required that prospective students be a law and society major


How to stay in the program and guarantee acceptance to the Drexel University School of Law  

Admission to the EAP only guarantees a student admission to the Thomas R. Kline School of Law if students keep up a level of excellence as a PhilaU student as outlined below: 


  • Maintain a cumulative GPA undergraduate of 3.4 (as calculated by the Law School Admission Council's Credential Assembly Service) by the time of application to the Kline School of Law
  • Comply with all academic standards and expectations for student conduct established by Philadelphia University
  • Complete all major and core course requirements at Philadelphia University, and attain senior status before enrolling in courses at the Kline School of Law
  • Meet the character and fitness requirements of the Kline School of Law
  • Comply with all application and enrollment deposit requirements, as well as deadlines established by the Kline School of Law
  • Take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) no later than December of the third year of the program (for 3+3 students), or December of the fourth year of the program (for 4+3 students)
  • Earn a LSAT score at least equal to the median LSAT for Drexel's 1-L class in the year the student was admitted to Philadelphia University



Interested students must express interest by emailing or calling Evan Laine (, 215-951-2768) and submit the required essay no later than March 15 of the second semester of freshman year.

Are you a current or transfer student interested in being considered? Please contact Law and Society program director, Evan Laine at or by calling 215-951-2768.