Nexus Innovation Projects

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Innovation Nexus Projects are framed to deliver business value and educational value to everyone involved in the process. These projects typically coincide with the academic year and involve collaboration from interdisciplinary PhilaU teams of students and faculty and the industry partner.

Alternative formats can be semester-long, or “sprint projects” of a short, intense duration. To learn more about the partnering process click here.

Representative projects include:

Product and Service Design Innovation – ideation and experience design, fashion and style to develop new products, services and business models.

Materials Exploration – analysis, exploration, design and prototype development to find new applications for novel materials.

Packaging Design across the Value Chain – through a multidisciplinary approach that combines graphic design, user interface, materials engineering, supply chain and visual impact in product package innovation.

Market Research and Ethnographic Studies – multidimensional research and analysis of existing or target markets to discover new customer insights and opportunities.

Prototype Design and Development – holistic design or reinvention of products incorporating user, manufacturability and engineering factors.

Design and Usability Audits – in-depth analysis of products, services and processes to benchmark against innovation best practices, and develop ways to fill gaps and improve outcomes.

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