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Keynote Speaker:  Etta Jackson, Founder and CEO, ICGC
jacksonE.jpgEtta D. Jackson worked in the field of education for twenty-five years as teacher, guidance counselor and district administrator in both New York and Wisconsin.
Ms. Jackson holds a B.A. in Biology and two M.S. degrees: one in Psychoanalytic Counseling and Development and the other in Administrative Leadership and Supervision.

Her passion for wanting to make a difference led her to the founding of The Institute for Conscious Global Change ICGC), a 501(c)(3) international non-for profit NGO organization in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.  She now serves as the Chair of the Board and CEO of the Institute. This New York based organization was founded in 2007 with the objective of providing a comprehensive response to ending poverty in all its forms that would: ‘Fundamentally Change the Way Humanity Lives In and Creates Its Environment’!

The primary activity of ICGC is the Millennium Earth Project (MEP), which uses   Geographic Information Systems (GIS), GeoDesign and its related technologies. ICGC is engaging governments and citizens to develop integrated holistic and comprehensive development models for implementation in each country. ICGC believes this approach is essential for the eradication of extreme poverty and to ensure no one is left behind and feels we can indeed ‘Put Equality on the Map!

The focus of ICGC’s work is to provide visual but tangible development solutions to support the unfinished business of the Millennium Development Goals and now the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.   
A Proof of Concept of San Raphael in the NORD Department of Haiti can be found on the homepage at:
She is proud to announce that the Millennium Earth Project proposal for how to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is now an official document of the United Nations and has been published in all six official UN languages.

Ms. Jackson is also the author of three books:
•    Understanding Your Choice
•    Unveiling the Secrets of the Feminine Principle
•    The Role of Consciousness in Governance
•    E-book: The Idea That Is the United States of America

She is the mother of one daughter and is also a grandmother.

Eric Wittner: CityEngine and Procedural Technology Product Manager at Esri

Eric Wittner

Eric Wittner is the CityEngine and Procedural Technology Product Manager at Esri. He works to expand public understanding of how Esri's 3D products can enhance an organization’s products and process, and help bring them success. Having spent six years as part of the 3D software development team, he has an intimate understanding of Esri's 3D technology. From his time as the product engineering lead for geodesign he understands how Esri's tools can be used to support interdisciplinary decision making in a variety of fields. As a thought leader at Esri, he helps shapes the vision and direction of Esri's software, data models, and solutions development through interaction with customers and the translation of their requirements into useful technology.

Max Zahniser: designer, educator, consultant, facilitator, and entrepreneur


Max is a designer, educator, consultant, facilitator, and entrepreneur. His broad background in architecture was foundational while at the U.S. Green Building Council, where he oversaw the majority of the first 500 LEED® certifications worldwide, supported development of nearly every rating system, and managed relationships with Google, Autodesk, and others. Max has been quoted/cited in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, and many other outlets. His own real estate development projects and self-founded organizations thrive while he supports clients and partners like Comcast, ConEdison, the Pentagon, UPenn, Drexel, the largest developers in his region, and others.

Max is cofounder of Sustainability Nexus (, a non-profit seeking to apply integrative and regenerative processes and frameworks to the sustainability movement itself through coworking, research, peer groups, and other programs. Max is currently completing a project with "positive-only" technical and living system interactions; a home for a man with cerebral palsy in Lancaster, PA. Max has also been involved in the development of the LENSES regenerative development framework via the Center of Living Environments and Regeneration (CLEAR), and related frameworks of his own. Max is also a LEED Fellow (less than .01% of LEED AP’s are LEED Fellows), and a relation of Howard Zahniser, author of the Wilderness Act of 1964.

Russ McIntire: Assistant Professor and epidemiologist in the Jefferson College of Population Health

Russ McIntire

Dr. McIntire is an Assistant Professor and epidemiologist in the Jefferson College of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University. He received his doctorate in Health Behavior and Master of Public Health at Indiana University School of Public Health- Bloomington. His major research interests include identifying and analyzing the social, behavioral, and geographic risk factors of chronic diseases among vulnerable populations. Dr. McIntire has performed community health assessments and studies to identify the relationship between place (neighborhood, location), demographics, behavioral risk factors (smoking, stress) and chronic diseases (cancer, asthma). His recent studies identified the prevalence and characteristics of smoking among patrons of Philadelphia Parks, and explored the effects of neighborhood-based risk factors on prostate cancer in Philadelphia.

Tatianna Swenda: Associate, U3 Advisors

Tatianna SwendaTatianna Swenda is an associate with U3 Advisors, a nationally recognized consulting practice that provides real estate and economic developments solutions to the institutions that anchor our communities.   Tatianna joined U3 in 2014 providing geospatial analytic support for various projects within U3.

Tatianna has been a part of the Jefferson CABE family for nearly a decade, first as an undergraduate student in Architectural Studies, then as a graduate student in the inaugural year of the MS in Geodesign program, and finally as an adjunct professor in the MS in Geodesign program where she teaches in Geodesign and is the technical lead in the application of advanced geospatial technology and 3D modeling for design.

Tatianna’s work with Cityengine and ArcGIS has been featured in the 2016 Vancouver Placemaking Conference - Click here to view