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Fresh Photos - 2011

Participating Students

Louisa Befumo

Devon Correll

Diti Desai

Kelly Finuncan

Bailey Fisher

Lisa Le

Marah Light

Adrienne-Dominique Livioco

Megan Montgomery

Catherine Shollenberger

Amanda Volchko


Exhibit Design and Installation by Holly Ketner '11

Fresh Fotos: My First Year Experience Exhibit

The Fresh Fotos exhibit was created to bring to life the first year experience at Philadelphia University and runs from May 16 - Aug. 26, 2011.

For many students, the first year of college represents a major transition in life.  During the year, students create new memories as they encounter new friends, adjust to a new environment, enjoy on-campus events, and explore the city of Philadelphia.  The photos reflect significant snapshots that altogether led to the development of the participating first-year students during the 2010-2011 school year.

Each experience whether it be visiting a new city, developing close relationships, joining a campus organization, and encountering the inevitable growing pains of living away from home represents a collection of invaluable memories and lessons.

As the year came to a close, we asked students to send us their photos and thoughts that provided a holistic picture of their first year at Philadelphia University.  In making meaning of their own experiences, students’ pictures made up a collage of memories from the Fall foliage to snapshots with the Phillies Phanatic at Citizens Bank Park.  Furthermore, students represented their friendships and school pride in the Ram Jam and at intramural volleyball.

Coming off the historic Hall of Fame nomination for Philadelphia University’s beloved basketball coach, Herb Magee and the phenomenal resilience of a city emerging from economic depression, students were able to celebrate a magical year. Whether or not the first-year of college is ahead or behind you, this showcase of student pictures represents how precious each memory is as a part of the greater whole of the college experience.