Edgar Stach Dipl.-Ing. AIA/IA

Email: stache@PhilaU.edu
Phone: 215-951-2518
Website: http://faculty.philau.edu/stache/

Professor, Dipl.-Ing. AIA/IA
College of Architecture and Build Environment
College of Design, Engineering and Commerce 
Joint Faculty Oak Ridge National Laboratory - ORNL
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia

Prof. Edgar Stach, Dipl.-Ing. (equivalent to Master’s Degree), AIA/IA, RA (Germany) is Professor (tenured) at Jefferson, College of Architecture and the Build Environment and the College of Design, Engineering, and Commerce  and joint Faculty at Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL), Building Technologies Research and Integration Center. Before joining the faculty at Jefferson in 2012 he was from 1999 to 2012 faculty (tenured) at The University of Tennessee (UT), College of Architecture and Design and from 1995 to 1999 at the Bauhaus University Weimar in Germany. From 2007 to 2009 he was visiting research Professor at the Department of Building Technology at the TU Delft, Netherlands.

He is founding director of the UT Institute for Smart Structures (ISS), a multidisciplinary research unit focusing on building technologies and high performance building envelopes. From 2009 to 2012 he was the principle investigator at the University of Tennessee for the Project Living Light, an award-winning design build project sponsored by the Department of Energy [DOE] with participation from over 300 students from the Colleges Architecture, Engineering and Art and Science. At UT Professor Stach received 5 Chancellors awards including the award for interdisciplinary research, the citation for outstanding performance and for excellence in teaching and scholarship, 2 AIA design awards for design build projects and the 2008 AIA award for innovative teaching. He published over 50 scientific papers and technical publications and lectured at Universities in Europe, Asia and America.

In 2008, he founded UT-Zero at UT. UT-Zero provides a platform and umbrella for research and development projects in the areas of passive and active solar energy harvesting, sustainable architecture, prefab home prototyping, eco-materials, and government policies. UT-Zero is connected to social science, economics, outreach, and other constituencies and stakeholders. The webpage www.utzero.utk.edu was developed as a search tool for sustainable architecture, technologies, materials, and activities within UT-Zero. Furthermore, the ‘UT-Zero Energy House’ was built in 2009 by students and faculty to develop and demonstrate interdisciplinary new technologies for zero energy houses.

Professor Stach is a licensed architect in Germany and established the architecture practice in 1995 in Weimar, Germany and since 1999 in Knoxville/Philadelphia, USA. His focus on materials, technology, and sustain­ability is supported through a mode of working that combines practice, teaching, and research. He actively takes part in the discourse of contemporary architecture through participation in international design competitions. His submitted work focuses on efficiency, ecological sensitivity, and responsibility and reflects his concern for the built environment. He has received national and international design awards and recognition for his accomplishments in this area.