Why Architecture at TJU?

The Architecture Program prepares students to be design professionals in the 21st century 

  • Researching and analyzing cultural and environmental contexts
  • Developing innovative architectural solutions
  • Presenting the results in a professional manner

Faculty encourage students to find their passion

  • Questioning conventions as they develop their critical design skills 
  • Emphasizing process and product equally
  • Serving as stewards of a sustainable society
  • Becoming life-long learners and active citizens

Students have really been trailblazers recently! 

  • Spring 2013, two 5th-year students named finalists in The John Stewardson Memorial Competition and one 3rd-year student named finalist in New York's Reinvent Payphones Design Challenge.
  • Spring 2012, Design 8 students collaborated with Interior Designers in a “Bank of the Future” design competition, with the winning team presenting its design at the TD Bank Group’s Enterprise Real Estate annual conference in Toronto. 
  • Spring 2012, Design 10 students followed a variety of paths: designing and building prototype sleeping units for local homeless shelters, exploring the use of robotics in architecture, visiting Argentina for an urban design studio, and pursuing self-directed thesis projects.
  • Fall 2012, Design 8 students facilitated the development of a Patch Adams community-based health clinic in an under-served neighborhood.

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