The University Today

On July 1, 2017, Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University combined to create a national, comprehensive university designed to deliver high-impact education and value for students in architecture, business, design, engineering, fashion, health, medicine, science, textiles and more. This transformed university centers on creating more value for students by demonstrating that together the universities will change the value proposition of higher education to positively impact the lives of students, patients, employers and society.

The name for the combined institution, which is now the fifth largest in Philadelphia, is Thomas Jefferson University (Jefferson). The new Jefferson creates a unique model focused on interprofessional and transdisciplinary approaches to learning supported by design and systems thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, empathy, and the modes of thought central to the liberal arts and scientific inquiry. It provides a vibrant and expandable platform for professional education, and the ability to prepare students for current and yet-to-be-imagined, 21st-century professions.

Leveraging collaborative, interdisciplinary, design thinking and real-world experience are hallmarks of PhilaU’s Nexus Learning and TJU’s interprofessional education. Jefferson will build on both universities’ proven approaches to aggressively add even more value for students through curricular innovations that include leading-edge programs in emerging professions; accelerated programs that enable students to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in a shorter time; valuable opportunities for scientific and applied research; and a new model for experiential learning and internship opportunities with some of the country’s top employers.

But curriculum alone isn’t enough. Pairing its collective capabilities, the new university has extended its boundaries of research by combining particular skills, expertise and resources to create state-of-the-art ideas and technological possibilities. One such collaborative research venture includes the Architecture and the Built Environment and College of Population Health entering an interdisciplinary National Science Foundation proposal to research possibilities for identifying the interconnectivity of health, energy and transportation within Philadelphia.

These synergies are just the beginning of providing new opportunities for research, innovation and discovery. By revolutionizing higher education in America, Jefferson is redefining professional education that connects with and caries for customers, clients and patients.