M.S. in Community and Trauma Counseling

Application Requirements

Those interested in applying to the Childhood Trauma Studies Certificate program should see the requirements listed below. Undergraduate Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) students interested in the Minor in Childhood Trauma Studies do not need to apply; please see the specific requirements to enroll in the minor below.


Current graduate Jefferson students and non-students are eligible to enroll in the Childhood Trauma Studies Certificate program. Those interested in applying must submit the following: 

  • Application Form
  • Resume
  • Essay (three paragraphs)
    • What is your motivation for pursuing this program and why do you feel you are a strong candidate?
  • Transcripts
    • United Way applicants need to provide official transcripts from all institutions previously attended (unofficial copies may be emailed for initial evaluation, but official transcripts must be received prior to the start of coursework at address listed below)
    • PhilaU student transcripts will be automatically viewed by the admissions team
  • Required Pre-Requisite Coursework
    • One college level English (or Composition) Course – 3 credits
    • Two courses in Psychology, Sociology, Child/Human Development or Education – 6 credits

All items can be emailed directly to GradAdm@PhilaU.edu or mailed to:

Office of Graduate Admissions
East Falls Campus
4201 Henry Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19144


Current undergraduate Jefferson students are eligible for the Childhood Trauma Studies program as a minor. To enroll, students must follow the following process:

  1. Student must meet with an advisor to asses the fit of this minor with their goals and schedule over the four semesters required for completion.
  2. If deemed a good fit, students should contact Jeanne Felter, program representative, prior to enrolling in the first course. 
  3. Students who have had their eligibility approved by an advisor and Jeane Felter may enroll by Declaring a Minor.