M.S. in Community and Trauma Counseling

Art Therapy Curriculum

The art therapy specialization is a 69-credit, 23-course curriculum that can be completed in two to three years, depending on the course load taken. The full-time hybrid program includes weekly on-campus classes and asynchronous online requirements.


Masters Program (69 credits)= M

Certificate Program (15 credit program for clinicians seeking to gain and incorporate art therapy skills into practice) = C

Professional Certificate Program and Internship Supervision (24 credit program for clinicians seeking credentilaing as board certified Art Therapists)= PC


Year One


Course Credits Curriculum
History and Theory of Art Therapy   3​ M, C, PC
Ethics, Standards and Professional Orientation in Art Therapy 3 M, C, PC
Studio and Techniques of Art Therapy  3 M, C, PC


Orientation to the Counseling Profession 3​ M
Practicum I 3 M
Psychopathology 3 M
Foundation of Trauma Counseling 3 M


Neurobiology of Trauma 3​ M
Human Growth and Development 3 M, PC
Theory and Practice of Counseling 3 M
Practicum II 3 M

Year Two


Social and Cultural Diversity 3​ M
Group Work in Community and Trauma Counseling 3 M
Addictions Theory and Practice 3 M
Childhood Trauma and Effects 3 M, PC


Career Development 3​ M
Counseling and Art Therapy Assessment 3 M, C, PC
Art Therapy Internship I 3 M, PC
Advanced Group, Couples and Family Art Therapy Process  3 M, C, PC


 Research and Evaluation 3​ M
Advanced Interventions in Trauma Counseling 3 M, PC
Art Therapy Internship II 3 M
Community and Disaster 3 M